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Pregnancy in a Pandemic 
Being Pregnant in a Pandemic Introduction

Being Pregnant in a Pandemic Introduction

A Guide Through Your Journey of Prenatal Care for Low Risk Pregnancies. Pregnancy is a dynamic process for many women and in the era of COVID-19 fear can cause unnecessary care seeking behaviours. Healthcare providers are noticing increased anxiety and stress related to the management of a new pregnancy and women are seeking guidance from unreliable online resources. There is also a vast majority of medical information on the internet that makes it difficult to navigate and hard to interpret within our Canadian context. We wanted to make it simple for you. Through our Women's Health Education Made Simple Initiative, we created a 7 video series that will assist you through your journey of pregnancy during the COVID-19 era. Our content creators include a medical student, midwife, family doctors practicing emergency medicine and low risk obstetrics and and obstetrics and gynaecology doctors, so you can trust that you're provided the most reliable information and up to date until the date this video was published. We hope to make your pregnancy journey a little bit more smoother! DISCLAIMER: The information presented in this series does not replace professional medical advice and simply serves as an educational tool. Information in this video is valid at the time of recording and is subject to change thereafter. With constantly evolving data and changes in best care practices during the course of this pandemic, it is important to speak to your healthcare provider for the most accurate updates with regards to your care and COVID-19.
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